EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross' New Artist Tracy T Talks Signing With Maybach Music Group

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music’s newest signee Tracy T took a moment to speak with AllHipHop.com while recording at the Maybach Music Group recording Studio in Florida, to speak on what brought him into the fold at the “untouchable” empire.

According to Tracy T, he started rapping at the young age of 7, on the East Side of Atlanta.

“I’m from Atlanta, Acadia, East Side ATL ,” Tracy T told AllHipHop.com. “I been rapping since I was 7-years-old. my first time in the studio was 7 years old. since then I ain’t never looked back. me and Beat Billionaire, we was working back at Grand Hustle in 07-08. I lost contact w/ him and its 2013 an I bump into a studio with him in ATL.”

The pair’s chemistry in the studio led to their collaborative effort “16,” which caught the attention of Maybach’s head honcho, Rick Ross.

“We took it to big homie and he gave it the green light,” Tracy T explained. “It was work from jump street, genuine love. There wasn’t any fake s**t or business hype, he kept it all the way real. ‘Work, work, work…check out how that work go…work, work, work.'”

Check Out the AllHipHop.com exclusive interview with Tracy T below:

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8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross' New Artist Tracy T Talks Signing With Maybach Music Group”

  1. Kody Scott

    the real mc’s from atl = LUDA, OUTKAST, KILLER MIKE , T.I. , but the rest of these so called “trap rappers” from atlanta just so garbage g. this nigga album gon be a super flop, just another tax write off for rick ross.

  2. Glasscut

    Another garbage MC.. added to the fold..When is hiphop.. or rather rap which is crap nowadays.. Meek Mill.. lol its funny that Meek Mill is the only talented rapper in MMG.. Rick weed head is trash too. Rick trying to use big words and his metaphors are still wack.. When is rap music or hiphop going to stop letting ADHD having emcees continue with their unarticulated rhymes.. There should be some kind of standard seriously.. So because this nincompoop gets shot all of a sudden he got a record deal.. Rick Ross is probably screwing him.. reason for the song he mentioned to feature Meek Mill.. Gosh Meek shouldve signed with another label..

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