Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Pebbles Get Her REVENGE On TLC?

Who knew? Apparently, TLC still has a deal…or should I say had a deal. LA Reid, the man himself, had resigned the group to Epic Records, where he is right now. Maybe this was some sort of karmic act considering all they have been throughout. But, then that movie came out and all hell has broken lose the docudrama that chronicled the life and times of TLC. Pebbles got the majority of the blast from the movie, as she was portrayed as a lying, stealing, backstabbing, shady corporate executive that took advantage of some young girls trying to get in the game.

Here’s the rumor. Pebbles was once married to LA Reid and apparently that sexy MILF still has some pull, because she reportedly got TLC dropped from Epic Records. They say she had LA let the girls go. I’m thinking that may help TLC? Maybe not. They aren’t killing it like they used to. GODSPEED!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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26 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Pebbles Get Her REVENGE On TLC?”

    • EDOGZ818

      That might be the deal.

      Maybe a fugged contract, but TLC is OG’s & I doubt they would sign without conditions, like dropping or getting paid, so LA may have dropped them to avoid paying them for not dropping.


      “Industry rule #4080…record company people are shady!”


      Solid point but doesn’t the label have an obligation to allow an artist to make music? ie studio time….engineers….that shit cost the label right?

  1. 2012Industry1

    Don’t seem true…this would really make no sense. If that’s the case, L.A. has some bad karma coming Industry wise….lord knows he needs a hit over at Epic. He has yet to pull one. I don’t think this is true.

  2. Freebe Jackson

    if Pebbles got that type of pull over L.A. …..She must know some deep dark shit about dude that he would lose out on millions to keep secret….my ex not gone be calling shots over my business ventures

    • ZUBU

      You may be right, cause if she did what is rumored then that is a devilish act. Oh, she suppose to be a minister or something now or so I thought that’s what I read.
      I saw her in concert once in the early 90’s with LL, Keith Sweat and Ralph Tresvant. With that “Don’t U Wanna Ride In My Mercedes Boy” shiiittt was lame. Ralph’s hit at the time “U Need A Man With Sensitivity” was equally lame.

      • MalcolmLittle

        I dunno Brotha ZUBU…as moist as the subject matter of Sensitivity was, that shit did groove if you tuned out the actual words bein said…LOL The production was pretty decent on that joint far as New Jack Swing-era R&B cuts go (never was a big fan of that time period).

      • ZUBU

        I feel you bro and I agree the song was not bad. I should have been more detailed, I think his live show was not very good hence I said lame. The song was catchy, and to be honest Pebbles’ song was catchy as well but she was not a good performer. I’ve seen LL about three times since like 1990 the last time being about 5 years ago, every time L put on a show. Same with Keith (seen him twice) his show is not high energy like L, but Keith can flat-out sing. Plus Keith be begging them chicks, If a brotha ain’t got a chick throw on some Keith he’ll help you get some that night.

      • MalcolmLittle

        Gotcha…part of me wondered if you were just speakin on the live shows, just wasn’t sure. LMAO @ ol beggin ass Keith, that’s the dude though…a lotta these cats born in ’87 and after need to personally write Keith and thank him for their very existence. LOL

  3. Guest

    This is FALSE. L.A. Reid tweeted “@LA_Reid: sorry folks- @OfficialTLC have not been dropped by @Epic_Records n yes we @officialchilli n @TheRealTBOZ are friends 4 life!”

  4. Beverly Chisholm

    You don’t bite the hand that fed you.. TLC should have known better than to cross Peebles.. come on now L.A. Reid ex wife..what were they thinking especially after signing their record deal..

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