Papoose Calls Trinidad James a "Jive As* Turkey" On New Diss Track

“Don’t come back to New York, dawg/N*ggas looking for you like the PS4”

(AllHipHop News) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Papoose seems to have assumed the unofficial position of New York defender from out-of-towners as he aims his new diss song, “Jive A*S Turkey” at Trinidad James for his “South Runs NY” comments.

In the song, Pap not only derides Trinidad but claimed responsibility for Big Sean’s low album sales and Kendrick Lamar’s low ticket sales and subsequent cancellation of tour. No word on if Papoose is referring to the Rock The Bells cancellation that TDE were scheduled to perform at or the postponement of the Yeezus tour earlier this month.

Check out Papoose’s diss song to Trinidad James, entitled “Jive A*s Turkey” below:


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