Nas Speaks On Special Memory of Nelson Mandela, New Companies + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) During an interview at Art Basel in Miami, Nas spoke with about his new business ventures, love of Miami and shares a never before heard story of Nas’ special connection to the fallen leader, Nelson Mandela.


27 Years after Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment over the charges of attempting to overthrow the South African apartheid government, Mandela was freed. Nas revealed that following Mandela’s release from jail, the then 17 year old Nas went to see Mandela speak at Yankee Stadium in 1990:

I went to see Nelson Mandela. My mom took me there to see Nelson Mandela at Yankee Stadium when he got released and came to the United States. That was a big moment in my life.

Nas also spoke on his recent investments in Mass Appeal and Fancy. Those are not the only business endeavors from the reinvigorated entrepreneur that is Nasir Jones as he recently announced he was opening a retail sneaker store in Las Vegas called 12 A.M. Run. He released a trailer for the store on his personal Instagram account this past Monday (December 2nd):

Check out the305’S full interview with Nas at Art Basel below:


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