Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Gucci Mane Kill His Cell Mate?

OH SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a rumor that Gucci Mane killed his cell mate because his cell mate tried to rape him.

Its Saturday night. So, all I have to say is:

Cut it out gottdamnit!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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121 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Gucci Mane Kill His Cell Mate?”

  1. Havoc Wreaka III

    Illseed, you are gay and every post you do now is about some kind of gay shit.. Honky stay out of our hiphop (black) community with your Macklemore (white) gay shit

    • illseed

      Because somebody tweeted me about it. And there is something to be said about debunking a rumor. If you know AHH, we’ve always debunked rumors just as much as we have rumors.

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Yall don’t debunk anything. You just make up a fake rumor, or post about some obviously fake rumor that one random person sent you

      • Immortal

        Stop lyin. If that was the case, then all the “mystery” rapist rapper “rumors” would’ve been aired out. The HIV rappers would’ve been aired out, the gay rappers would’ve been aired out…so on and so forth. You copy from others and repost to get clicks in traffic, and on the ones that matter, you all of a sudden can’t name names. GTFOH

      • RapItUp

        Lol the mystery rapist rapper, almost forgot about that! Hella let that one go to the wayside.. So much time has passed since then, I wonder if it was Cee-Lo? Unless illseed made it a rapist AND gay rumor in one, which I wouldn’t doubt

      • Immortal

        And if you look at his last line, how in the hell have they “always” debunked rumors just as much as they’ve had them? The people that debunk them are the folks in the comments themselves, not AHH

      • MalcolmLittle

        Right…Illseed and the rest of the bargain bin writers on AHH would be lost if it weren’t for the cats in the comments section. There was a time when if someone dropped some good info on somethin in the comments, it was almost guaranteed to be an article about it the very next day…no credit, no thank you, “kiss my ass”, nothin. That shit happened with quite a few cats on here. Now they’re too lazy to even do that, they just do a 30-second Google search to see what TMZ or MTO has already posted. On my life, If it weren’t for the fact I like to kick game with y’all on here, I’d never come back here again…my 5 year old daughter could write in a Mad Libs book and come up with better articles, that’s my word.

      • Immortal

        Seriously, you should see if she could write on here. She could take Sydney’s place, and I bet everything she would write would be funnier and more original than what’s on here usually.

    • MrsOno

      Did you even bother to read what you posted? A fake rumor? Maybe you dumb smart people on here need to realize what the word “rumor” means! Smh…knowledge is power people

      • Celz

        A rumor might be true.. If you spent 30 seconds googling this you’d see that this is confirmed false..

      • Mad Max❗

        I’m hoping this is a fake account cause you sound like straight bitch responding to folks. If your not going to mention or even source the site that gave you this BS, why put their stories here? This whole joint is run by some f*ckin clucks I swear.

      • Celz

        Fam all niccas is sayin is step it up.. This site has made Yahoo front page a few times.. Niccas know you gettin chipped off and that’s whats up get it in family.. Chill wit the gay rumors, fake rumors, copy and paste articles, typos, and bad code.. Most of this site is dope.. But when you have an A+ article on Tupac then 2 weeks later half the stories are fake gay rumors it’s like we might as well hit MTO and TMZ for Hip Hop news…

      • iamwhoiam

        Bad day at the office???? If that’s “all they do” then why you do that? Also, if this is illseed can u stop with the Real Housewives rumors an all the other bullshit you post that are not HIPHOP RUMORS…Thanks.

      • MalcolmLittle

        Stop gettin all your shit from other sites and put in some actual WORK, and you wouldn’t have that problem…gettin rumors from a site you ADMIT is notorious for puttin up bogus intel, but wanna call other people dumbasses. Oh the fukkin IRONY.

      • Jame Shivar

        You shut up you corny axx nucca! We know you be getting high making up rumors all the time! Misspelling like you in the 3rd grade?! everything you write is stupid and not even an entertaining rumor. This rumor of Gucci is prolly some Daydream you had. You and Gucci locked up together, suckin each other off to make the days pass you fagg haaaaaaa. Ill embarrass yo axx mijo so please put an eye on yo lip sucka!

      • Freebe Jackson

        Yo Gotti did….Gucci not an accidental murderer….he more of an incidental murderer in that one situation at least. I don’t know his body count or anything. But he had a gun on him, niggaz tried to run down on him and he let off. Sounds like a nigga who bust his gun when shit hit the fan. I can respect that… I can’t respect no accidental murderer who kill innocent people or a murderer who kill people for nothing…these rappers like to act like they respect real killers but when one of they homies get killed over some nonsense then they sad and shit is wrong that they homie got killed.

      • thugimmortal


      • thugimmortal


      • SBRon

        Yep! For one, the former will get you maybe 15 years…the latter means LIFE W/NO PAROLE OR THE DEATH PENALTY!!

      • MalcolmLittle

        How so? Niggas talk all that good gangsta shit and will gladly risk their life and freedom to take the life of another Black man, but tuck tail and run like bitches the INSTANT they hear John Q. Law comin. If anything’s ignorant, THAT is.

      • bronzegrillz

        thats the second nigga he has killed in cold blood he ant no accidental murderer he shot dat nigga right? and he choked dis nigga right? the intent was clear

      • EDOGZ818

        Actually…no intent at all, he did what he had to do, it’s not like he went out intending to do it.

      • ZUBU

        Word! I don’t really mess with Gucci’s music but I respect his G. You gotta take care of ya self..

      • $18592567

        All these rappers runnin’ around like Jeezy homie died in a car accident.smh

    • justmathoughts

      just cause the dudes who tried to get him are accidental victims doesnt make him an accidental murder…..in that situation its shoot or be shot…he knew what he was doing, the problem is they aint know what they were doing

    • thugimmortal

      i mean u kids today so backwards dudes tried to rob gucci mane alll the dudes was strapped and he still shot it out and killed somebody that wasnt a accident dummy it was self defense now most ppl who get killed in the hood are unarmed and dont even hit their target now tupac had ppl tryin to rob him he had a gun on him instead of handing up his jewelry he decided to go for his gun I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU KIDS UNEDUCATED SLOW & IGNORANT A BUNCH OF COWARDS NOW DAYS I MEAN WHEN THE COPS KILL UNARMED BLK MEN DOES THAT MAKE THEM AN ACCIDENT MURDER PLZ LEAVE THE STREETS ALONE

      • MalcolmLittle

        Hell fam, cops kill unarmed Black men and these niggas don’t even CARE anymore. Unless it makes national headlines and then they get that Fake Nigga Outrage for a week or two, pop a bottle and a molly and forget all about that shit.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  2. Charlie Kelly

    illseed all in da comments like he tryna defend his journalism career on some gucci man rape/murder RUMOR…. so this is what its come down to…. illseed and gucci mans butthole…. it was meant to be.

  3. Remi

    Im starting to think that AHH has no actual connects in the music industry… Its just some fag with a webpage, making up shit

  4. cromthelaughinggod7

    Only thing Gucci murdered is people with his dragon breath. A promoter said Gucci breath smelled like a waste disposal plant on fire. He almost passed out he was seeing stars and it could have melted the artic polar caps. Shit mush mouth. Brrrrrr!

  5. Schooly B

    Go over to CreamBmp (a celebrity/news parody site) and see how many stories they have just ctrl+c ctrl+v’ed and called rumors. Saddening. Had to repost since they have other sites on the auto moderator word watch list.

  6. Schooly B

    They won’t let me post the screencap of the site here. But, its top “News” on a satire site. They wouldn’t pull that sh- with The Onion because they’ll get sued. THe sad thing about this is that they take articles that are clearly meant to be taken as satire and report it as real information. Damaging peoples images and livelihoods with their reckless “reporting”. Furthermore they are undermining actual comedy writers protection under the first amendment as it applies to satire as free speech by willingly taking something clearly written as satire and reporting it as fact. F- the AAH writing staff. And before anyone suggests I take this vitriol somewhere else, no. I will always be here to expose weak a- writers that can’t even properly convey a coherent stolen thought without finding some way to make it grammatically incorrect.

  7. Juan Ellis

    Gucci killed his cell mate with his breath and feet. They both smell like s#!+. So the guy turn over and died

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