Funkmaster Flex: [HOT 97] Doesn’t Care If R. Kelly Comes Here!!!

(AllHipHop News) Instagram follows = issue resolution, Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want” video is wack and R. Kelly was not barked on during Funkmaster Flex’s  show on Hot 97 at 7pm. All of those claims were vehemently shouted from Funkmaster Flex on The Angie Martinez Show yesterday (December 9th).

After an early afternoon Twitter tirade on R. Kelly over his reluctance to appear on Hot 97, Program Director Ebro Darden and Funkmaster Flex attempted to clarify the situation on The Angie Martinez Show. According to Flex, his Twitter rant had R. Kelly and his team “folding up, lawn chair style” and were interested in visiting Hot 97.  

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The planned 7pm “teardown of R. Kelly” was put on hold, but not before Flex could explain the bad blood between him and Kelly and made a startling accusation that Angie Martinez and Ebro attempted to refute:

The energy existed. It got funneled through. I heard about it. Everyone heard about it. What our issue is New York City. We don’t care if R. Kelly comes.

Ebro admitted that the claim that R. Kelly will not appear on Hot 97 due to prior issues with Funkmaster Flex was purely speculation and was never relayed to Hot 97 by R. Kelly, his management or label.

Check out Funkmaster Flex’s mini-rants on The Angie Martinez Show below:

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