Schoolboy Q Wants White People To Say The N-Word At His Shows (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) ESPN’s Skip Bayless and the NAACP have tried to kill the N-word but Schoolboy Q has a different approach to handling the N-Word: Let everyone say it at his show. During an interview on The Pete Holmes Show, Schoolboy Q spoke about his feelings on white people reciting his N-word laden lyrics at his shows.

According to Q, a large number of White people attend his shows and he revealed his signature way of breaking the ice:

I usually stop, because all of the white people be scared to say it. I’ll make them say the hook over and everybody says it. They think I’m some super down to Earth dude when really is I just want you to say it. [Laughs] Yeah, just say it. It’s 2013. I don’t care.

Q also reveals an interesting way how marijuana not only saved his life but helped his parenting skills:

I  was a little too antsy. I’d jump around. Want to go here, want to be there. Once I started smoking weed I just wanted to stay and play the video game and rap. You know what I’m saying? You spend good time with your daughter after you go smoke, go chill with your daughter, you willing to do whatever she willing to do.

Check out Schoolboy Q talk about White people using the N-word at his shows, how weed saved his life + more below:

On White people Saying N-Word At His Shows:


On How Weed Saved His Life And Affects His Parenting:


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