Women Talk Series With Kevin Durant’s Mother

Tuesday December 10th, the first Women Talk Series took place at NYU’s Kimmell Center and was moderated by Women on The Move  co-founder and radio personality Dee Vazquez. The talk was not only amazing, but also inspirational! Attendees had an inside look at the life of Ms. Wanda Pratt, mother of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. The conversation with the woman affectionately known as Mama Durant was deep, as she talked about raising her sons in a single parent home with less than favorable circumstances. Dee spoke about her takeaway from her interview with Mama Durant, “I was truly inspired by Wanda’s story of pursuing her own dreams.  She gave me the encouragement to have hope and create a foundation to achieve my dreams.”   Mama Durant shared her message on how to overcome unforeseen obstacles in life and grow from them.

Mama Durant continued by saying,”I’m so grateful that my experiences can bring hope to others. This has been such a wonderful opportunity and I’m so thankful to the Women on The Move program for bringing me here and allowing me to share.”

Here are some pictures of the event:

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