Wale Addresses Threatening Complex Writer + Advice Jay Z Gave Him (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Wale has cooled down. After threatening Complex writer Isanul Ahmed via phone last Wednesday (December 11th), Wale spoke with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Ebro Darden about what caused the rant, which f

After Wale admits that if in front of Isanul Ahmed, he “would’ve went at him”, the Gifted MC listed his exclusion from Grammy nominations and other publications’ year end lists as helping Complex’s snub send him over the proverbial edge. Overall, Wale says he is angered by what perceives as a ever changing scale of how music is judged:

If there’s certain scales that you’re judging people on, let those be consistent. If it’s club records, if it’s record sales. Let it be a consistent thing.

After admitting that he’s “a bit of a conspiracy theorist” the 29 year old rapper stated that his 2010 fall out with Kid Cudi During Cudi’s September 2010 cover story with Complex where he admitted to struggling with drug addiction, he infamously remarked that “It’s not a conspiracy theory. We don’t f*ck with you musically.” Wale stated he believed Complex instigated their beef even with full knowledge of Cudi’s mental state at the time:

Y’all claiming to be this man’s boy. Y’all know he’ s  in a certain space right now. It’s almost like they were perpetuating  some type of war. At this time I’m losing my first record deal so I’m in even a worse place. I remember ‘we not rocking with you musically’. It went viral.

Near the end of the interview, Wale states that his exclusion from the list made him feel he “wasnt’ worth what these other people were worth that they’re mentioning.”

Check out the full Wale interview where he addresses the advice Jay Z gave him, his future plans with music and more below:


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