The Beat For Rick Ross & Jay Z's "Devil Is A Lie" May Have Been Stolen

(AllHipHop News) In an ironic turn of events, the initially credited producer of Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration
“Devil Is A Lie” has been accused of stealing the beat from another producer.

KE On The Track was originally credited as the producer of the track when the song debuted online yesterday (December 20th). Minutes after the song was released to the world on Rick Ross’ Soundcloud account, KE On The Track released a video of him making the “Devil Is A Lie” beat.

Soon after, Atlanta producer Omar “Major Seven” Walker went on a Twitter tirade against KE, accusing him of stealing the beat from him and

Hours afterwards, KE dismissed the allegations on his personal twitter account:

Walker later deleted a tweet that suggested that the matter was resolved and earlier today (December 20th) intimated that the problem may take time to resolve:

Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration, “Devil Is A Lie” will appear on Ross’ upcoming album Mastermind and is available on iTunes, however no producer is credited.

Check out KE on the Track speak on the making of the “Devil Is A Lie” video below:

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