DJ Paul Speaks On Lord Infamous' Last Moments Alive, Legacy + More

(AllHipHop News) For the first time since his partner Lord Infamous’ sudden death on Friday (December 20th), DJ Paul spoke on Infamous’ last moments alive, funeral plans and if he saw signs.

During an interview with XXL, Paul says Infamous’ girlfriend was planning on returning to his home to take them to her mother’s house. However, hours after she left his mother found him slumped over at his kitchen table:

He told her he was tired and was going to lie down. So she was like, “Just make sure you be ready in the morning, we got to be there at 9 o’clock.” He was like, “Yeah OK, I’m just going to lie down.” I guess he was fixing himself something to eat and put his head down on the table and she had left. Then when his momma came, that’s how she found him. Still lying with his head on his lap on the table. He had died from a heart attack in his sleep.

According to Paul, besides walking with a cane as a result of a 2010 stroke, his half brother showed no signs of ill health. However, Paul does reveal that Infamous was attempting to make amends with anyone he slighted in the past after receiving a grave diagnosis from his doctor weeks before his passing:

He told me like two weeks ago. And I don’t know if the doctors told him this for real or he was fucking with me. He was like, “I got like four months to live, doctor told me because of my kidneys started back up from the stroke.” I was like, “Get out of here.”

A funeral date has not been set and Paul stated in the interview he is still questioning whether to hold a public viewing for the fans.

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