Lotta Zay Says Top Tier Battle Rappers Scared To Compete

(AllHipHop News) Battle rapper Lotta Zay is calling out what he calls the “top tier” of his peers. In an interview with VladTV, Zay expressed he feels some of the more well known competitors are avoiding jumping in the ring with him.

“A lot of these n***as is too comfortable with they spot. They don’t want to lose,” said Zay. “A lot these n***as is fake a** emcees. A lot of these n***as is ducking me.”

Zay goes on to explain that everybody loses, but a lot of unnamed rappers are “scared to get knock out.”

During the interview Lotta Zay also talks about the rise of the battle rap scene over recent years. He credits the battle culture’s rawness for saving Hip Hop and refers to battle rap emcees as “lyrical athletes.”

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Watch the VladTV interview and the Shotgun Suge vs Lotta Zay battle below.


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