Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfies?

People just won’t let Kim Kardashian and her recent slew of attention seeking booty selfies live. Her post baby body looks great but photoshop aficionados are saying that Kimmie Cakes may have photoshopped her body. Suspicions were sparked by the latest photos Kim K released following a workout session with her friend Blac Chyna

Radar Online caught up with photoshop master and Instagram celebrity Peejet, who got popular for his funny Photoshop art, and he told Radar that the curved doorframe in Kim’s pics is a dead giveaway.

“Now, before I begin, I must say this is all purely speculative, [since] I actually heard Kanye [West] might have brought curved doors to Ikea over six years ago,” he told the site.  “In the first pic, which I’ll call the Booty Pic, I have diagrammed with a red line how the door should look if it was a normal, straight-edged door. You can definitely see a gap at the same level as Kim’s chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts.”



“There also seems to be a more subtle distortion on the floor,” Peeje continues. “The underlying red line shows how the tiles should be where the blue line follow the actual markings on the floor. You might notice how it follows the same contortion as Kim’s waist and hips.”

“In the second pic, which I’ll call the Stomach Pic, you will notice the door curves out at Kim’s midsection,” Peeje explains, which would occur if she pulled in her waistline.

It’s not such a far-fetched idea considering how starved Kim is for attention and because she admitted how hurt she was when people ridiculed her for gaining weight during pregnancy (which is stupid on the critics’ part).

This is all speculation but it’s sad if she did actually photoshop her pics. Low self-esteem can be a beast.

In related news, Peejet’s Instagram pics are hilarious. I highly recommend you check them out.

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29 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfies?”

    • Realist4200

      Poor kid, man. All that money, but he’s gonna be raised by mindless fools. Thick in the pockets and in the skull.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        as a butt specialist, my expert opinion is her butt is not all real, and wasn’t Before the baby

  1. brotha_man

    According to the latest (very funny) south park Ep “Hobbit” this is said to be true. The chick next to kim can have my children tho!

  2. stackzscrilla

    Yall dudes on the bored is pump fakin’. Botox in her lips, Botox in her hip, Saline in her @ss that’s a plastic Bishhh. HOWEVER, if KK was in front of you flossin’ you would put the pound game on her and bust in 39 seconds flat.

  3. ILL Will

    Imma redo my comment since the other one is waiting on moderation…I basically thought it was funny that they called in a photoshopologist to inspect the scene. No matter how much birds don’t like her or hate on her, there are several facts about Kim k. She fine as hell, fact. She caked up both ways, fact. And she keep her a nigga wit a Lil change in his pocket, while they banging broke niggaz for the lowski. Lol they be hating this chick so hard, prolly cuz most dudes is definitely diving in if they had the chance. If you say you wouldn’t then you sir are definitely suspect. Also they shoulda photoshopped black Chyna booty cuz it looks weird as hell, I’d still spread it tho…lmao I like my women dark but Shiiiiiiiiid Kim k is undeniably fine my brovaz.

  4. $18916246

    She’s thinks her new looks bring her closer to looking like Beyonce but she’s more like the new Lil Kim i.e. nip/tuck addict…SAD….Good luck to her and Kanye.;)

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