“Devil Is A Lie” Producers K.E. & Major Seven Settle “Stolen Beat” Controversy

(AllHipHop News) It’s almost hard to believe that a track that features Rick Ross and Jay Z could get overshadowed by behind-the-scenes industry issues, but that was case with the two rap stars’ latest collaboration “Devil Is A Lie.” A young producer named Major Seven claimed the beat for Ross’ Mastermind song was stolen by another producer, K.E. On The Track, and he was not given credit for his work.

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The two beatmakers got together with Chubbie Baby recently to settle their problems over the controversy. K.E admits that Major presented the track with the sample, and he later altered it by adding his own drums.

“I don’t salute a lot of producers, but I salute him because I feel like he’s another half of what I needed,” says K.E. about Major.

K.E. goes on to say that the pair have other tracks together in the works including several more featuring Ross and Jay and possibly a future cut with Pusha T.

“I’m just glad everything got sorted out and everybody’s good now,” adds Major. “I think in the future everybody’s really going to see this is just the beginning.”

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Watch K.E. On The Track and Major Seven talk it out in the video below.

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