Fredro Starr Speaks On His Past Issues With DMX

(AllHipHop News) It’s been nearly a year and half since the public spat between Fredro Starr and DMX hit its climax. The two rappers got into a back-and-forth, including a freestyle diss by Starr, apparently over one of the mothers of X’s children who the two had both been involved with. Starr spoke with about his past issues with X, and the Queens native says he has moved past it.

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“Me and that n***a go back like scoliosis. It ain’t the first time we had a confrontation or words, but we real n***as at the end of the day,” said Fredro. “It was just something out of respect I thought I had to check the n***a… It ain’t no beef. DMX my nigga.”

Starr goes on to add, “We grown men. We over 40 rappers still doing this s**t, and n***as can’t fuck with Onyx, and n***as can’t f**k with X. At the end of the day, can’t nobody f**k with Onyx.”

Onyx is set to return with the new album WakeDaFucUp this year. The project is being produced by the Snowgoons.

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Listen to Fredro Starr’s interview in the video below.


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