Anyextee Says Exclusive Max B Music To Appear In "Charly Rambo: The Max B Story" Film

(AllHipHop News) Charly “Max B” Wingate is set to be the subject of an upcoming film called Charly Rambo: The Max B Story according to Amalgam Digital CEO Anyextee. In an interview with, the head of Max B’s label also reveals the movie will feature unreleased music from the incarcerated emcee.

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“I just did a deal for the film I have coming out entitled Charly Rambo: The Max B Story, and you can expect to hear exclusive Max B tracks in the movie,” said Anyextee. “I will also say this, there are still quality unreleased Max B tracks and Pro Tools sessions.”

Besides information about new tracks and a new movie, Anyextee gave more details about the Harlem native’s legal situation as well. After selling Max B’s catalog to raise money for another legal team, Anyextee says the call of “Free Max B” could soon be a reality.

“We recently sold Max B’s catalog as part of a play to help get him out. He and his family were excited about this as the company we sold it to has agreed to put up the required capital to fund a proper legal defense using the defense attorneys that we always wanted to use,” explains Anyextee. “It’s possible Charly could be out as soon as two years if the legal team is successful in their strategy. He already has time served under his belt.”

In 2009, Wingate was convicted on murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery charges and sentenced to 75 years. He was accused of sending two associates to commit a robbery that eventually led to the killing of David Taylor. His most recent appeal was denied.

Anyextee also has other projects he is preparing to release. The Amalgam boss is set to drop his first album as an artist, Executive Decisions, on February 25th. He directed the new documentary Egypt Through The Glass Shop about the Egyptian Revolution as well.

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32 Responses to “Anyextee Says Exclusive Max B Music To Appear In "Charly Rambo: The Max B Story" Film”

  1. Papi Peligro

    Man was anybody checking for Max B before he went in. He was pulling stick ups for a reason. That rap money wasn’t there.

    • Troll_E_G

      That’s the crazy part of fans these days.. its all good when a nigga murder, rob, n bang on records but soon as a rapper get caught up, its ‘thats wrong, he know better or I don’t have sympathy” but all threw life, we play the soundtrack of destruction smh

    • hoeyuno

      Guilty of what??max wasn’t even there. Unless he had the ppls that commited the murder under hypnosis or some haitian voodoo ish…

  2. tra mo

    Dam for a label amalgam ride hard for the boy max despite not selling no records for them and being a investment risk for the label NO CHARLY WINGATE BUT I’M WAVY TO DA MAX B

  3. King Ricky Spanish TheMovie

    you aint gotta be there to be charged wit conspiracy! 2 niggaz can just say u was there and it was your idea as long as they story match, Max B will forever b locked UP! This nigga had a future but like shyne when he get out not too many people gonna b checking for him, ijs n i fucked wit max be back in 07-09 he had somewhat talent but still u a stupid nigga thinking you Leroy Barnes, Ceferino Perez, Alpo or sum other harlem kingpin committing murder and thinking its the 80’s and NYPD wasn’t gonna get that ass.

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