BULLS**T! Kendrick Lamar And The Greats That Never Won A Grammy

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Salt-N-Pepa, Public Enemy, Kid-N-Play, Slick Rick et al. at the 1988 Grammy Boycott.

“Who gives a f**k about a gotdamn Grammy? Who gives a f**k about what they like?” – Public Enemy

Kendrick Lamar got screwed: simple and plain.

Nobody should be shocked, because the Grammy game as always been a tricky beast when it comes to Hip-Hop. Way back in 1988 (a seminal year for Hip-Hop), Hip-Hop heads like Will Smith, Salt N Pepa and Public Enemy publicly boycotted the award show because they didn’t televise the Hip-Hop portion. Rappers don’t have such solidarity in 2014, but Jay Z did voice his discontent in other ways. Nevertheless, if Kendrick is feeling a way about not winning any of the Grammys he was nominated for, he should rest assured that he’s in the company of true Greats. Below is a list of some of the big names and talented artists that never took home what Jay Z called a “zippy cup” to their home.

Tupac Shakur
Bob Marley
Snoop Dogg
Jimi Hendrix
Diana Ross
Chuck Berry (The creator of Rock-N-Roll music)
Notorious B.I.G.
Public Enemy
Ice Cube
Busta Rhymes
The Who
The Doors
Led Zepplin
Depeche Mode
Guns N’ Roses
Katy Perry
Cat Stevens
Florence + the Machine
Stevie Nicks
Martina McBride

And there are more…but this is a sample of many.

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