J. Cole Speaks on Dreamville/Interscope Records Deal For The First Time

(AllHipHop News) J. Cole is an acclaimed rapper, producer and is now throwing his hat in the record executive ring.

Following his Madison Square Garden show last night (January 29th) Cole spoke with Forbes about his newly announced label deal with Interscope for his Dreamville imprint. Cole spoke on how his musical talents can work complimentary to his upcoming executive obligations:

As an executive it gives me the opportunity to sign acts and break them, but as a producer it allows me to produce someone’s entire album and put it out – that’s what I really look forward to

Dreamville’s roster includes Bas, Omen and KQuick and were featured on the The Revenge of the Dreamers mixtape Cole released in conjunction with the label deal news. The imprint was started in 2007 and Cole says learning the inner workings of the music industry is the reason Dreamville took almost seven years to launch commercially:

This is a result of years of learning and figuring this game out,” said Cole. “It’s not an overnight thing but every time you make it up a level you still appreciate and remember level one.

Stream Dreamville’s The Revenge of the Dreamers below:

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