WTF News: Man Asks Live in Ex-Wife to be His Housekeeper

A businessman who continued living with his former wife after they divorced asked her if she would be his housekeeper after he moved another woman into the home. She obviously went off on him.

Via the Telegraph:

The man could not understand why his former wife became “so aggressive” when he informed her of the new arrangements, the court heard.

On Wednesday Mr Justice Bodey ruled that she was entitled to nearly half of her former husband’s £13.6 million fortune.

The Family Division of the High Court, heard that the couple, who cannot be named and are from London, married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 1990s.

The judge said they treated the divorce as “just a piece of paper” and carried on living together.

Welp, there goes that. If you’re going to make a break go all the way.

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