Kokane Calls Out Ice Cube For "Doing Something Wrong And Foul" With N.W.A Movie

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube’s most recent motion picture Ride Along is a huge hit with an estimated domestic box office gross around $92 million, but it’s another potential Cube led film that is now facing criticism.

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Ruthless Records rapper Kokane tells HipHopDX the N.W.A. biopic being produced by Cube’s CubeVision may not be painting an accurate account of founding member Eazy-E.

“We put a proposal together called ‘Protecting the Ruthless Legacy’ that we want to get on The Arsenio Hall Show,” said Kokane. “Ice Cube, I don’t fault you for doing this movie. You’re a genius, and you show that stereotypes can be lifted off of us, but at the same time you are doing something that’s wrong and foul. You’re purposely leaving out certain information that is vital to the story.”

Kokane claims that no one involved in the production contacted him, Above The Law, nor any of Eazy-E’s children about providing information for the movie. He adds that he is working with Eazy’s kids, fellow N.W.A. members MC Ren and DJ Yella along with Big Hutch and J.J. Fad to tell the “real story” of the Compton crew’s history.

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