Epic Win Of The Day: Lil B Does Based God Lecture

YO! This dude Lil B cannot be stopped. I have never been all there with his movement, but he’s killing the game on the lecture circuit now!

But on the real side of life, the dude Lil B is doing his thing. Check out the videos below which stems from an appearance at University of California, Riverside.

OK, so he ain’t Michael Eric Dyson, but he’s got real appeal. He even busted a rap.

This happened on Feb. 5.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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39 Responses to “Epic Win Of The Day: Lil B Does Based God Lecture”

  1. FaSho Money Prince

    If he’s winning then society is losing… Lil B may equal todays college student but that nigga does not equal college… I do respect that boy grind though , cuz he clearly sucks at rap and has a huge following…

  2. best_believe

    Your praising what? He didn’t say a lick of shit but I love everybody! He’s happy and Gay confused saying he has no agenda. GTFOH

  3. CantBeSerious

    What the hell is this lil remidial dude talking about come on allhiphop yall wrong for this this is clearly a joke he’s not making any sense everyone in the room know dude is slow except him niggas laughing this is wrong man then to get a reaction from the crowd this nigga just scream out randon I LUV U’s smh nigga make the crowd react by giving the some real advice give em somthing to think about we get the point you love humans and all that weird know where the game you suppose to be sharing with these kids smh these

  4. therealest1

    I never understood how this dude has a pretty big following with younger folks? He doesn’t have albums out, but yet people really do follow him like that.

  5. Dan_Tebasco

    Lil B and Epic Win goes in a sentence as well as Hitler and Nice guy… And what’s up with that freestyle and the crowd reactions to it, smfh

  6. Cloud Air

    lil b can rap but his content is garbage.. if you’re a kid and u just don’t care about content at all then lil b is probably human crack.. but if you want to be fed something he’s not worth a listen.. the worst thing i heard him say was something like “you nggas wastin time at churches”

    i’m like really? so getting saved and having morality and following God and doing what is right and trying to get into heaven is a waste of time to you? its like he thinks people should stop worshiping Jesus and worship him instead.. like he doesn’t think its a joke, like he’s serious

    if rap was food lil b would be like candy and donuts with ZERO nutritional value.. no he’d be more like eating asbestos for lunch lol.. he’s making songs about eating butt-holes for crying out loud

    i do think he is funny from time to time but when u make an album called “i’m gay” and tell people not to go to church that’s just wrong.. i mean what’s next? an album called “i f*ck relatives” and telling people to steal from their grandparents? like seriously what is next? this generation’s popular music is crazy

    • justus182

      So because you believe in a certain religion every one else on the planet has to as well huh? Some of the constant religious nonsense posted on basically every urban site on the net such as this is just sadly entertaining.

    • Realist4200

      “Im a pretty bitch” “I look like wanton soup” – everything this dude says makes me stop and say “wtf?”. But you didn’t get thrown off til he said something about churches, which is a group of people who believe in sh!t that defies all logic. Dude lived in a whale? Talking snakes, splitting oceans…. You’re a funny guy.

      It would be great if people didn’t go to church – That’s probably the only thing me and lil b agree on. Do something productive with your day instead.

      • 'Ol DIRTY BA$TARD

        Based God will accept you no matter what i love you and he loves you 🙂

  7. TheInfiniteToker

    Lil B is Soulja Boy 2.0. Neither can rap, both got overly popular, Lil B just hasn’t hit rock bottom like Soulja yet. But it’ll happen.


    yall can say what you want about based god but what are yall doing with ya life he’s the only rapper that speaks from the heart when he actually talks to people his rhymes may say different but its all made outta positivistity no one rapper has reached out to individual people when they need help and respond to thousands of messages and i salute that nigga for doin that yall just ignorant haters on the internet you aint shit at the end of the day He’s gunna be doing him (helping poeple) and you gone be jacking off on the internet mad cuz basedgod fucked yo bitch…TYBG TRUEBASEDDISCIPLE TASKFORCE. thank you i love you all.

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