Dr Dre Suing Death Row Records For $3 Million

(AllHipHop News) Legendary Hip Hop producer Dr. Dre is reportedly suing his former label Death Row Records for $3 million. According to Radar Online, The Chronic creator is seeking money for unpaid royalties. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, California.

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The amount of back pay Dre is demanding includes $676,444.44 for mechanical royalties, $1,200,386.57 for artist-producer royalties, and $1,179,913 for digital sales. He is also seeking funds from a bonus he expected to receive that would raise his revenue from sales of his Death Row albums from 18% to 20%.

Death Row was founded by Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, and others in 1991. Dre left the label in 1996. Death Row was later sold to WIDEawake Entertainment. The label’s catalogue was bought by current owner Entertainment One in 2013.

Afeni Shakur also filed a lawsuit against Death Row/E1 last year. The mother of the late Tupac Shakur sued for $1.1 million in royalties she said is owed to Pac’s estate.

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51 Responses to “Dr Dre Suing Death Row Records For $3 Million”

    • Malik

      I see you are one of those that swallowed the hype…hook, line & sinker.
      Now please proceed to tell me how Dre produced everything at Deathrow…hilarious

      • docjambeats

        So Malik, do you honestly feel that Death Row Records would have reached the iconic level that it reached had Dr. Dre NEVER been involved?

      • brotha_man

        dre and pac took deathrow to new heights. but i agree without dre, deathrow wouldnt have been ish.

      • Malik

        You need to go back and read the production credits on those Deathrow classics (the ones Dre couldn’t buy out in order to build himself as a brand anyway), you’d be really surprised.

        Dre did his thing, you can’t take that away from him but he didn’t carry Deathrow on his back. He’s more or less a glorified arranger, a very good glorified arranger.

        Here’s something for you to ponder on and even research on if you may, the inside scoop is, Dre didn’t even produce the bulk of the Chronic album, he just took credit for it as always.

        Check his production style with the World Class Wreckin Cru & NWA and ask yourself: who introduced him to G-Funk when he switched to Deathrow?

      • docjambeats

        I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, however if Dre was not THE MOST essential factor in the rise and success of Death Row Records, explain it’s demise once he left.

      • Malik

        Everytime you come across a Deathrow classic with a ‘co-produced by Dr. Dre’ tag on it, best believe Dre didn’t do sh1t than tweak the finished product and in some cases, just attached his name to it because he oversaw the project.

        Deathrow’s catalog is littered with numerous examples of this…off the top of my head:

        Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Dre is listed as producer and Sam Sneed as co-producer. Yea right, Sneed did that from scratch to finish, Dre just ATTACHED himself.

        Natural Born Killaz – this was actually a Sam Sneed & J-Flexx song and it had a different title. But as usual Dre moved in and hijacked it.

        Below are some Deathrow classics, please look up how many songs Dre produced on these albums compared to someone like say Daz Dillinger for example.

        2Pac – All Eyez On Me
        2Pac – The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
        Snoop – Doggystyle
        Snoop – Tha Doggfather
        Rage – Necessary Roughness
        Daz – Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back
        Dogg Pound – Dogg Food

      • docjambeats

        Right, yet you’re STILL missing the point I’m making. Dre was the FACE and the talent that introduced the label to the world. Without Dre, the label would not have been able to attract all of those other talented artists, producers, writers, and musicians. (Pac was already a legend BEFORE he signed with Death Row and would have NEVER signed with Death Row, had it not been for the success of Snoop and Dre) Without DRE, Death Row wouldn’t have been SHT.

        Daz’s production while on Death Row was INCREDIBLE, especially with him being so young. He was/is definitely one of my favorite producers from that era. But where are all of these talents NOW?? No doubt in my mind that Daz, as well as many of the other talented individuals who contributed to the success of Death Row Records in the 90’s are STILL talented, but they are a FAR cry from the level of success they had achieved during the Death Row era. While Dr. Dre, left behind like 60 million, and is STILL on top today, far more successful than he was in his Death Row days.

        All of this is not by coincidence.

      • Malik

        Of course it’s not coincidental, it’s by sticking to his formula.

        The ‘today Dre success story’ you alluded to is built off of the back of Mel-Man, Scott Storch, Mike Elizondo, Hi-Tek, Mike Batson, Colin Wolfe etc.

        He left Deathrow as the MAN, right?
        Why hire ghostproducers afterwards?
        He is supposed to be dope, ain’t he?

        Same shit, different day. Don’t you see a trend here?

        Ever heard of DJ Premier’s ghostproducers or Pete Rock’s or Easy Mo Bee’s or J Dilla’s or Saalam Remi’s or Large Professor’s or RZA’s?

        The producers in this list are his contemporaries.

        J-Flexx had to sue for his credits and sh1t.

        Research Laylaw and G-funk. I ain’t saying no more than that on Laylaw….

        PS: The same sh1t is playing itself out with Kanye and Dion (NO ID). Ye ain’t producing jack no more but he’s busy jumping on every medium proclaiming himself a genius and a god…lol

      • Malik

        C’mon son, Deathrow’s history is well documented; if Pac had lived, Dre leaving wouldn’t have amounted to sh1t, word! Dre was a drawing factor for some elements of the success story that was Deathrow IN THE BEGINNING, I’m not contesting that but he WASN’T THE MOST essential.

      • reg joe

        Without the DOC and Quik, Dre definitely wouldn’t be who we think off today. The DOC was Tupac before Tupac. Its unfortunate the accident took his voice. Was the best out with flow in 88. Could have been the best ever.

  1. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    smh now that e1 took over and im guessing suge is out the picture everyone coming for them owed wages lol … sn i thought dr dre walked away from it all giving up his masters royalties and all ?????? so how can he come back years later and get this $$ unless since e1 took over it voided his original release from the label contract ??

  2. Black Jay

    People are asking, “Does Deathrow have that much money?”
    Y’all dudes need to catch up. The answer is HELL YES THEY HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY! Do you know how much record companies make off of an artist’s catalog? Especially one like Dr. Dre’s? How do y’all think Michael Jackson was able to keep making paper and buying animals for his zoos and sh*t? Off of that Beatles catalog, that’s how. Add to the fact that most of the artists don’t have any system in place to track their album sales after the fame is gone. And with the internet and that overseas market? The record companies make a killing!
    Do your thing Dr. Dre. Get what they owe you.

  3. Malik

    CPO says he’s still getting paid ‘mechanicals’ (i.e. writing credits) for ‘Picture Me Rolling’ off of ‘All Eyez On Me’ by Universal Publishing to this day.

    And the first cheque he got (when he became broke enough to go asking for it) was a little over $37,000 back in 2000 – just for that one verse.

    So yeah, there’s cake on the table forever.

  4. jdog

    uuuuuummmmmmmmm…….. you guys all don’t knoe wat your saying so break your fingers nd stfu cause dre Is my bigg homiee(uncle) nd I discussed thiss shit with him sooo don’t even try to sound like you guys know shit but you don’t just cause you fuckers believe the internet your dumb ass a moooootthhhhaaaa fuckkkkkaaa

  5. Helenofreims

    Triumphant Dre use the settlement benefit positive minds going bring stereotypical image Compton,CA. Only the Hood bigotry apparent L.A county whom getting civil employment not Hood no those of color figure gentrification new “Jim Crow” community center eventually name be Suge center gong retaliate destroy it never stops! Dr.Dre shining star whom forgotten Compton Dr.Selfish!

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