Nicki Minaj: There Is Something Wrong With People Who Don’t Like “Looking A*s Nigg*s”

(AllHipHop News) Usually artists release statements apologizing to the public if they offended a core part of their fanbase with their song. Sometimes those very artists act as if they never apologized. In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj addresses the controversy over her song “Looking A*s N*ggas”.

Nicki Minaj appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade45 radio show. After saying that “all the real n*ggas” she knows enjoy the song she explains how it’s not the quality of the song people do not like but some sort of repressed guilt of their own personality:

If you b*tchin’ about this song, somethin’ ain’t right, because all my real n*ggas textin’ me lie, ‘Yo, I’m so glad you gettin’ these n*ggas’ asses!’ I’m talkin’ about niggas that really move weight, you know what I’m sayin’?…I dunno, if you’ve got a problem with it, you guilty of somethin’

This comment comes less than a week after she removed the original cover art for “Looking A*s Nig*as” amidst controversy of the use of Malcolm X’s image in the single’s cover art. Later in the interview she explained that she was not trying to call Malcolm a “looking a*s n*gga” but stated the cover art was still in poor taste.

Check out the full interview where Nicki discusses her upcoming album The Pinkprint, hints at a mixtape with DJ Drama and more:

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