Ice Cube: My Son Was Rapping “Straight Outta Compton” At 2

(AllHipHop News) The N.W.A biopic will begin shooting in April but one of the possible actors has been practicing for this role since he was a child. In an interview with The Guardian, Ice Cube says that he wants his son to play him in

While Cube admits that he wants his 22 year old son O’Shay Jackson Jr to assume his role in the upcoming movie, it’s his 21 year old son, Darrel Jackson who was immersed into his father’s music early:

 My son Darrel could recite Straight Outta Compton at two years old. He loved it! You can expose your kids to anything as long as you sit there and explain it to them.

As of January, unknown writer Jonathan Herman was tapped as the writer of the biopic, however Cube says that may not still be the case as he describes the movie’s ambitions:

We’re getting the script tight and we’re starting to cast. Hopefully we’ll start shooting in April. We’ve had a few different writers; we’re still working that out. We’re going for a dramatic story that encompasses hip-hop, dope-dealing, Reaganomics, Aids, LAPD, rap feuds, FBI, PMRC, the Parental Advisory stickers on the records … all of it.

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