Ron Artest’s Brother Blasts The New York Knicks On Twitter

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(AllHipHop News) Ron Artest may have changed his last name to World Peace but his brother seems to be just fine at war. Today (February 22nd) Daniel Artest took to his personal Twitter account to air out his grievances with how the New York Knicks have treated his brother, Metta World Peace and reveals his evaluation of the Knicks as an organization.

The 31 year old former basketball prodigy was “disappointed” in the playing time his brother received and compared the Knicks organization to World Peace’s prior team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Artest even alleged that World Peace once warned him that the New York Knicks Public Relations department were monitoring his Twitter activity:

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The only members of the New York Knicks organization that Artest called out by name were James Dolan (owner of New York Knicks) and Mike Woodson (New York Knicks head coach). Artest accused Woodson of being a “yes man” and jokingly alleged that Dolan was being extorted:

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This comes less than a hour after World Peace tweeted that the New York Knicks were working to buyout his contract and release him:

Metta World Peace signed a two year deal with the New York Knicks this past summer worth $1.6 million per season. He has only played in 29 of the 56 games the Knicks have played this season and is averaging 13.4 minutes and 4.8 points per game.

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