Memphis Bleek Addresses Game Calling Him Wack & Jay Z Illuminati Rumors

(AllHipHop News) Memphis Bleek has been doing a round of interviews lately, and his most recent Q&A was with VladTV. During the sit down, the New York native talks about Game’s previous comments that he is “wack” and the ongoing speculation that his longtime friend Jay Z is a member of the Illuminati.

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While Game did not have any problem naming Memphis Bleek on his list of Top 5 wack rappers, Bleek did not respond in kind. Instead, Bleek reveals he has no issues with Game, but he does clarifies they are not friends.

“If he felt that way about me that’s cool. I ain’t got nothing to say about him. Nothing bad, I wish that man much success,” says Bleek. “I don’t know him to kick dirt on him. Like I said, I’m not in the business of kicking people when they’re down.”

The conversation then turns to the rumors of Jay and Roc-A-Fella being members of the Illuminati.

“We from the projects. Now n***as is devil worshipers because they get rich. That don’t make no sense,” states Bleek. “I never knew if you drink blood and worship the devil you get checks, because if that’s the case why not everybody just f**king do it.”

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Bleek also shares his thoughts that some people believe certain artists become successful from ties to secret societies because they cannot believe someone from poor upbringings can reach those heights. In Bleek’s eyes, Jay Z’s success was predetermined by God.

“Every business there’s one guy God’s hands pick to do it,” says Bleek. “I always say it’s a gift from God when it comes down to Jay.”

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Watch Memphis Bleek’s interview below.


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