Vado: Police Caught Me Defrauding Checks Because I Fell Asleep In My Car (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Remember at the end of Notorious B.I.G.’s song “N*ggas Bleed” when those guys didn’t kill him because their Range Rover got towed? Vado has an equally as hilarious story of a time a quick cat nap in the back of his car ended up with him being arrested on check fraud.

At last Friday (February 21st) Take It Personal show, Vado told the sold out crowd about how he used a fake ID to fraudulently cash checks of up to $2,500. After sending a female accomplice into the same check cashing place he just robbed, Vado says an unexpected delay prompted him to take a quick cat nap. What followed was an unlucky discovery of his fake ID by the police but an even more luckier turn of events once he met with a judge to discuss his charges.

Check out Vado explain how a quick nap got him arrested and how being in jail kept him out of jail and the hilarious sketch accompanying it:


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