Kim Kardashian Harassed By Blackface, Racist Kanye West Impersonator

(AlHipHop News) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have seemingly become a couple bullseyes for racists now and a new exploit supports the notion.

A man ran up on Kim dressed as Kanye West in black face during a ball dance in Austria.

Kim was paid $500,000 to act as the date of Richard Lugner, a business man who paid for her to attend the Vienna Annual Opera Ball.

When the man harassed Kim, she left the venue when she still had an hour and a half to stay, per her contract with Lugner. The business man later conducted an interview where he said that “Kim its annoying me.”

While Kim was taking pictures with Lugner, the man in black face showed up and impersonated Kanye West. Another, separate racist man asked her to dance and she rejected the idea stating she could not dance very well, according to a TMZ report.

After declining, the other man reportedly asked could she would dance if the orchestra played “N***ers in Vienna,” and obvious play on Kanye West’s Jay Z helmed hit “N***as in Paris.” Kim completely abandoned the effort at that time. Also, Kim says that Lugner tried to get her alone and acted too aggressive.

The whole incident is reportedly caught on tape by Kim’s reality show shooters.

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35 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Harassed By Blackface, Racist Kanye West Impersonator”

    • whatever

      Except that the dude who said the n word is from Germany. But I didn’t expect an American to know the difference.

      • Stay Phokus

        where in the article did it say the dude was from Germany
        not nowhere
        besides Austria and Germany = land of hitler
        so take the l

      • johnblacksad

        can’t lie… ya’ll keeping it trill!

        Babe, he said he wanna see you again next week… I told him for 750k$ him and his friends can do you too…. sheeeeit!

    • BlackBombshell

      Ummm, the ONLY thing that Kim was “hoe’n” for that event was her celebrity. When she made that crystal clear at their very persistent insistence, they got mad and tried to make her feel as if she were “less than”. Those antics and train of thought is typical for male chauvinist pigs and racists.

      As far as Kanye is concerned, he doesn’t own Kim. Nor does he have custody of her. Therefore, he’s not in a position to “allow” or disallow anything that Kim, herself, chooses to do. If anything, he probably encourages her. Kanye knows that Kim profits from her celebrity and it’s incidents like these that cause people to learn of her, emphathize/symphatize with her, and identify with her – all things that help her increase her celebrity and ultimately the value of that commodity of celebrity to be sold.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        the only people that identify/sympathise with her are those with learning difficulties; so her commodity is both self-exploitation and taking advantage of disbled people …

  1. John Q. Public

    …also “n***as in paris” is a dumb song name and song.
    cant be too shocked by ppl mocking that song title… easy target for racists

  2. RomeRebel

    No way, I’d rather keep the dignity me and my wife have. She ain’t going on no damn date for no money…..then again, it’s Kanye Wests wife were talking about shed do anything for money.

  3. johnblacksad

    “Also, Kim says that Lugner tried to get her alone and acted too aggressive.”

    *n my Clay Davis voice* Sheeeeeit!

    The fcuk she expected? Dude laid down half a milli… of course he gon try to fcuk… smh

  4. John Q. Public

    …I kno it dnt pertain to the article…
    but did yall hear Kanyes verse on Drunk in Love remix?
    He basically says he “knew he would marry Kim when he impregnated her mouth”…
    just picture lil North hearing that when shes older

  5. Realist4200

    I just don’t even have the words.
    Famous for sex tape
    Names kid north west LOL
    Sells her self out to random rich folks

    This is all ridiculous. Dafuk happened to the world?

  6. Black Jay

    I hate to say it but Kanye opened the door for these racist cats to go at him when he gave that payout. Kim opened the door too by being a money hungry chick. What’s next? You get to f*ck her for a million?

  7. rose maryawn

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    I can’t feel sorry for them, they display their lives to use, and now people are talking…Nothing wrong with them as a couple but they use us as cash cows, now we do the same thing to them…They get exactly what they been asking for.

  9. whatever

    I really hate Oliver Pocher (the huy who said Ni**ers in Vienna) but you just gotta give him credit to say that right into her face. Dude’s got balls….but then again he doesn’t because we all know Kimmy Kartrashian wouldn’t have know what she should’ve answered anyway.

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