Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Is At It Again…Kinda!

50 Cent started something and then took it back. I’m thinking he really didn’t want to start this “war” with Diddy, Rick Ross and then his latest nemesis Steve “The Commissioner” Stoute.

But, some time in the recent past, 50 posted a pic that seemed to suggest that Diddy was a gay man, spreading his love around. Now, we know Diddy beds women at a rate of 2.7 per day, but that’s beside the point. The point is, 50 took the post down, but…yooooooo….

The news covered this, but I wanted to get my look too. LOL!

Screenshot 2014-03-03 15.10.43

I’m wondering what 50 Cent is thinking these days. He’s sure on a tear.

The Ill Community didn’t let 50 off the hook either if you look at the comments over HERE—->> RIGHT HERE….

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