Rick Ross Addresses 50 Cent’s Gay Allegations For The First Time

(AllHipHop News) A day after reports surfaced that Rick Ross would not respond to 50 Cent’s inflammatory Instagram photo, the MMG boss does just that in a new interview. During his appearance on Chicago’s WGCI’s The Morning Riot yesterday (March 5th), Ross dismissed 50 Cent’s latest diss.

On his album, Mastermind‘s “Rich Is Gangsta”, Ross says “For me to move forward from here on I need 50. I ain’t talking 50 Cent neither n*gga, haha.” He keeps the jocular responses going when he addresses 50 Cent’s recent Instagram photo that suggested that Ross, P. Diddy and Steve Stoute engaged in homosexual activity:

I feel like this culture is a stadium and if we was in the stadium, I point up at the scoreboard. We Winning. We winning. I ain’t got time for that. We winning.

Ross also revealed that before he played the final version of the Notorious B.I.G.-inspired song “Nobody” from Mastermind for P. Diddy, he played it for one of B.I.G.’s closest friends, D-Roc. According to Ross, D-Roc gave it him his approval as well as some gems from the Notorious B.I.G.:

Before I took it to Puff, I took it to D-Roc, who was Biggie’s right hand man. He unfortunately was riding with B.I.G. the night B.I.G. passed. […] He took his time, ultimately, as you can see, he showed his love. He gave me a few of the best B.I.G. stories.

Check out the full interview below:

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46 Responses to “Rick Ross Addresses 50 Cent’s Gay Allegations For The First Time”


    in this culture he a loser, a fake kingpin, wanna be thug, ex c.o, who never gone platinum in his life. And his silence about the gay photos is incriminating enough. Anyone that listens to him or co-labs with him is fake.

    • Eny Daboss

      never gone platinum.. but still richer than yhu? still making money as ur fav artist on forbes shame on you lmaooo

      • FRUKOH

        listen puss* bwoy, you dont know me or how much money I got. tfoh,

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Are you insinuating that you have more money than Ross? You just as big a fraud as he is, fuk outta here.

      • Eny Daboss

        and yes puss boy, you hating on a dude that even with all the critics he is getting from ppl he is still here wining …. while you over here crying lol yhu the real definition of a fuqniqqa

      • Antwon Grant

        well first off..he doesn’t have as much money as he claims…hence the fake glasses and leased cars…but WTF does that have to do with the music?

      • dookie man

        you can tell you play video games because you like imaginary shit rap is from the street you have to believe what you sayin if he makes such good movie why he dont have a #1 record

      • Weedras

        lol! c’mon dude he bought a real authentic pair of glasses then had them customized, i buy a ferrari and customize you gonna tell me its a fake Ferrari? saw the same shit with Drake dude took a REAL pair of Jordans customized them and ppl saying he wore fake Jordans lol! c’mon dude name one rapper who hasn’t leased a car.. look at Birdman who every one praises for his cars yet he was caught lying about a car that was never his lol! tell me Bird man aint got money though..

      • RapItUp

        Those glasses weren’t fake.. They were modified versions of the genuine article.. Tacky as all hell? Yes. But don’t believe the hype so quickly.. If you think he can’t afford a couple hundred-dollar pair of loc’s, you trippin dunn

      • i'mreloaded!

        Ummm bruh…… He does have that kind of money. He just bought Evander’s estate down here in Atlanta and it’s the largest property in the whole state of Georgia. C’mon wit da hate bro.

    • RomeRebel

      All/most of Ross claims in rap are fabricated…however, BIG grew up in a good home and went to private school. He even worked at the grocery store across the way & was known as a good kid “a sweetheart” as his neighbors put it. So what’s the difference?

      • FRUKOH

        I don’t like big either, with his paedo lyrics such as ‘my nigg* gutta fruk kids in the ass and throw em over the bridge’ or his gay lyrics like: ‘id even suk your daddy di*k’….. but ross swore he really did these things (sell ki’s etc) off record as well as on unlike big….thats like deniro and al pacino saying they did in real life what they did in their films. big difference

    • digitallife

      Yes because I suppose every rapper that says he moved kilos, pitched on the block, popped a cap in someone, took kids for ransom, etc all were telling the truth right? You wanna start dissing fraudulent rappers lets go all the way back to Cube and start from there…..

      • Weedras

        That’ why i tell many of these folks who like talking about real rap etc.. and attribute ‘real’ rap with living what you’re rapping about… many rappers are story tellers, they didn’t live that shit they witnessed it and told the story… in essence they are writers and story tellers but colored want shit to real they want them to be killers and kingpins etc.. smh..

    • Sa Go

      Ross makes good music PERIOD! Music you can bump in your car…music you can turn up to…music you can cool out too…its all entertainment…you think 95% of rappers move the weight they say they do? come on man…home you’re not niave like that…like he said..he’s winning..so how you going to hate on someone who’s winning?…you walk a mile in his shoes?…you are the definition of a hater!

  2. Obi Won

    With 50 out of his deal with the Scope, I expect 50 to talk a lot more ish and can hopefully have his music to back it up.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      “With 50 out of his deal with the Scope, I expect 50 to talk a lot more ish”

      thats pretty much where the buck gonna stop. musically he ended ja rule career and ja had hits. but couldnt knock ross off his horse and ross had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more cracks in his armor then ja.

      time will tell

      • Weedras

        i wouldn’t even give 50 full credit for knocking Ja because at one point he had G-Unit, Eminem and Busta on his side going after Ja… now he’s basically by himself against Ross and you’re right he has really cracked an armor that is far weaker and easier to crack..

      • Jonathan Cayol

        That’s a very good point & you have a great memory because most of us all forgot that & you my friend are absolutely correct !

      • andone

        i love it how ppl forget that diddly and bey z saved ricky’s career… them two uncle toms gave rozay his LIFEBOAT u cant ignore that!

  3. i'mreloaded!

    Ross is right though. Ross has more people checkin for his music than 50. I think 50 should look to start his own team all over again and find some legit talent because I just don’t see him taking down Ross right now. I think 50 would be a pretty good label exec. Everyone sayin how fake Ross is, but at the end of the day, everybody wants artists to make quality music and I personally think Ross has mastered his craft. I could care less what these artists did in they personal life because at the end of the day, everyone has a past and it sure don’t affect my life.

  4. Executive

    Ross is making better music, that’s what it’s all about. 50 ran shit from 2002-2005/06. Who cares if ricky likes to live his imagination?

  5. Tyray Bullet Proof Diggins

    hate it or love it its just music but in reality i fucks wit 50 smart dude start the shh to get back in the spot light new deal good, actor , its not bout just rap money its about the money coming from everywhere

  6. Antoni Scott

    ross energy and vibe he gives off in his raps are unfamiliar to me. regardless of who is rapping real life sh*t or not…..truth be told, i lost alot of respect for ross for not telling the truth after being busted. 50 is not hot right now and havent been in a while so its back to the drawing board on how to bury “officer rickey” due to the fact he got an album coming out…besides being fake, most of ross’s tracks sound the same with the same watered down content…here lately 50 been dropping heat to try and become relevant and with interscope out of his way…we can expect more antics and more of the “bullying” act from 50….makes rap interesting to say the least….on a side note….who the hell is keeping that fat, lying, correctional officer relevant anyway???? eveybody i know cant stand that dude

  7. Eny Daboss

    People want to hate on rozay … dude got more haterz than a mothafuka and he is still getting paper .. when some of yall haters aint doing half of the shit he is doin at the moment… since that C.O thing he went from 100,000$ to 35 millie when most of yall niqqas waiting on that tax money to get a new swagg.. which one of yall making the type of money, he is making? even 50 gettin the same paper as rozay 7milli n last year rozay did more than him…. cmon its 2014 its time to get off these niqqas dik and just enjoy their music… im not a hater i love music.. if 50 put a good album ill buy it even if it was from gay rapper i buy music… not the character…

  8. Sean Taylor

    All these rappers wearing unnatural irradiated color diamonds like they’re the real thing. Bitch Ross couldn’t even afford a naturally colored yellow diamond bracelet.

  9. Jonathan Cayol

    Ross said sanctified but it’s sad he doesn’t know what that word means , sanctified means to be set apart , from sin that is , lolol he connected that with the word soulful as if sanctified means soulful or anything close , corny . Too much blunts , gravy & pancake syrup Rick Ross needs to really consider his health because he aint getting no younger or thinner he drinks alot & smokes alot I don’t think he’s gonna live much longer & I’m not saying this as a hater I’m saying this as one who is mindful .

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