Sha Money XL Defends 50 Cent Against Steve Stoute On Instagram

(AllHipHop News) While he may be estranged from his former group mates and label, 50 Cent can count on one man to be in his corner: Sha Money XL. This past Thursday (March 6th), the former President of G-Unit took to his personal Instagram account to denounce Steve Stoute’s disparaging remarks about 50 Cent’s relevancy.

In one Instagram photo of 50 Cent and himself on the videoshoot for “In Da Club”, Sha’s picture caption mentions Stoute’s initial eagerness to be apart of G-Unit Records. In the picture (below) the part of the caption reads:

Ps. tell Stoute he can’t count 50 out. He was the 1st one chasing us to get some of that G Unit money so Tan that political shit.


Steve Stoute has not responded to Sha’s Instagram post of yet.

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