Return of the Weirdo: An AHH Exclusive Video Interview with Bizarre of D12

On Sunday, March 2, 2014, Bizarre not only released his Lace Blunts 2 mixtape, but did a promotional performance for it at Detroit’s legendary Saint Andrew’s Hall. had the pleasure and privilege of hanging out with Bizarre that day and got to sit down with him for an exclusive interview.  During the course of the conversation, a lot of ground was covered from his creative process to his addiction as well as the legacy of Proof.

Bizarre was tight-lipped about the rumors of a D12 reunion when discussing the group during the interview.  However, his manager, Jeff Soster, did say, “As far as I know, nothing is set in stone yet.  But anything is possible.”  And at the end of his set, Bizarre even closed out the show with two Dirty Dozen classics.

For the exclusive interview and more, check out the video below!

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14 Responses to “Return of the Weirdo: An AHH Exclusive Video Interview with Bizarre of D12”

    • TruthSerum

      He ruined the groups image, because all the rest of those dudes were decent on the Mic. But ask the average rap fan and they all assume D12 was a bunch of Lame Horrorcore rappers thanks to this dude off beat rhymes about raping his grandmother and wetting his diaper lol

      • SleepyTheGreat

        I hate that I have to agree with you. D-12 had some spitters, but Bizzy just gave the group that goofy rapper persona as a whole

      • brotha_man

        idk…the purple pills song didnt help. they all kinda tried to be wierd….i blame slim shady

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Yeah a Proof and Em mixtape or album would of been nice. They had the same flow and rhyme structure. If they do a reunion it has to be solid, no gimmicks.

      • RapItUp

        Swifty McVeigh used to do his thing too though… Kuniva wasn’t nothing worth mentioning.. but Swift had some finesse on the mic.. like, a broke man’s Obie Trice

  1. Teron

    …I was gonna clown this nigga for cryin on Punk’d, but then I saw Proof in the backseat… miss that nigga man. Bazarre.. you get a pass.

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