Kid Cudi: If I Rapped About What I Have There Would Be No Drake (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Once a disciple of the school of Kanye West, always a disciple of the school of Kanye West. During his appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Cudi spoke on the negative affect materialistic Hip Hop is having on Black culture and how there would be no Drake if he made one change.

During his appearance last night (March 14th) on The Arsenio Hall Show, Cudi spoke on  his mission with his music. When asked what a song would sound like if he rapped about all of his material possessions, the 29 year old singer succinctly replies “there would be no Drake.”

While joking about replacing Drake, Cudi further elaborates on his opinion of Hip Hop’s fixation with materialistic lyrics. According to him, the flaunting of wealth, which is popular in Drake’s music, has  become a detriment to the Black culture as a whole,

I think the braggadocio, “Money Cash Ho*s” thing is dead. I feel that’s holding us back, as a culture as Black people. That doesn’t advance us in any way, shape or form. We’ve been doing that same thing for years now. It’s been four decades of the same bullsh*t.

Check out both parts from Cudi’s interview on The Arsenio Hall Show below:

Explains How There Would Be No Drake


Explains How Hip Hop Is Holding Black Culture Back:


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