Lil Wayne: A Female Fan Once Shot At Me (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The old adage of shoot for the sky you’ll land among the stars seems eerily applicable in this situation. While on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in SXSW this past Lil Wayne described an incident in which a female fan unloaded a bullets on his tour bus.

According to Wayne, he and his entourage boarded the bus following a show and “a persistent fan” attempted to gain entry and was unsuccessful. After ignoring them, the female fan took matters into her own hand to get the rapper’s attention:

I’ve been shot at by a female fan. It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan, you know. We didn’t know what she actually wanted. It’s a good thing we didn’t figure it out. Once we got on the road, the bus driver was like, ‘Hey those girls are on the side of us. He just kept saying it. We wasn’t paying him no mind.

According to Wayne, he was by the window at the time of the gun shots. Afterwards his driver informed him that it was the female fan.

Check out Lil Wayne explain the incident on The Jimmy Kimmel Show below:


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