Freddie Gibbs: Jeezy Doesn’t Know How To Run A Label & I’ll Keep Dissing Him

(AllHipHop News) Freddie Gibbs has not been associated with Jeezy since he split with Corporate Thug Entertainment in December of 2012. However, in a recent interview with Grantland, Gibbs spoke on how his feud with Jeezy will not end until Jeezy responds.

Since his departure from CTE, Gibbs has desecrated Jeezy’s name in interviews and songs. During his Grantland interview in promotion of his collaborative album with producer Madlib, entitled Pinata, Gibbs questions Atlantic Records Senior Vice President of A&R’s ability to run a label:

Of course he don’t know what he doing. Hell nah, he don’t know what the f*ck he doing. And I’mma stay on his punk a*s till he say something about it. I’mma keep drilling his punk ass into the ground.

His Pinata partner, Madlib revealed that he is planning on putting out an unreleased album under his Quasimoto moniker which was intended to be released before 2000’s The Unseen. Madlib also updates fans on his and MF Doom’s plans for Madvillain sequel:

[MF Doom] saying he recorded new material. We gon’ see, we gon’ see very soon. I’m gonna go to Europe, we gonna hook up with him. Next month, London, first thing I do is go see Doom.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlibs’ Pinata album is available now.

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