Benzino’s Nephew Was Arrested + Stevie J Visits Benzino In Hospital

(AllHipHop News) Family business is family business until there’s public shootings. Benzino’s nephew, Gai Scott has been arrested in connection with the shooting of his uncle.

According to reports, the shooting occurred around 12 P.M. earlier today (March 29th) on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA. Scott and Benzino were in opposite cars heading to the church where Benzino’s mother, Mary Scott, during the funeral procession. Benzino was shot and was transported to the Duxbury Police Department before he was transported to a hospital. The funeral procession began late but continued following the shooting.

Benzino’s nephew, Gai Scott was arrested and charged with armed assault with intent to murder. His arraignment is set for Monday (March 31st).

Benzino’s business partner and friend Stevie J visited his injured friend in the hospital and posted a picture of the two on his personal Instagram account:

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