Deion Sanders: People Don’t Like Johnny Manziel Because He Has “Ghetto Tendencies” (W/ AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Deion Sanders is one of the greatest cornerbacks of all time, but this past Wednesday he was giving out hood passes. During his interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Neon Deion explained how Manziel’s “ghetto tendencies” are the root of the negative criticism the young quarterback has received.

The criticism about Johnny Manziel’s inadequacies to be an NFL QB have ranged from lack of pocket discipline to his God given height (5′ 11). However, for the trash talking legend himself, Sanders says the real criticism centers on one of Manziel’s traits:

Oh, please. I love Johnny Football. See, the reason people won’t accept Johnny Football is because Johnny Football has ghetto tendencies. I love Johnny Football.

Manziel has been criticized heavily in the past for his flashy ways. Most notably, during a game against Rice University back in September 2013 where he was benched taunting. Deion claims that is all apart of what makes up “ghetto tendencies”:

Because he was successful, he made it, and he let you all know he made it, and he was cocky, he was flamboyant, and he let you know.

Check out the entire Tom Joyner Morning Show interview below:

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