Accused Bloods Gang Leader Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron Murder/Drug Trial To Begin

(AllHipHop News) Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron was once an aspiring rapper, and according to the government he is also the head of a narcotics enterprise in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Housing Projects, Bloods gang leader, and murderer.

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The Daily News reports that Herron’s trial for murder and drug trafficking is set to begin this month. He is charged with 32 counts of racketeering and could be facing life in prison if convicted.

Herron’s criminal case first began when he was stopped by a police officer for throwing a gum wrapper on the ground. The cop discovered Herron was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time which eventually led to a grand jury subpoena and his arrest.

Authorities then tied Herron to three killings. There is also allegedly video evidence of undercover officers buying drugs from members of Herron’s crew.

The prosecution is apparently using testimony from Herron’s former associates, his own rap lyrics from YouTube videos, and his tweets against him.

Herron aka Ra Diggs was a member of the rap group Murda Team with New York rapper Uncle Murda. He was also connected to Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka.

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