Benzino Releases “Walk Away” First Song Addressing His Nephew Allegedly Shooting Him

(AllHipHop News) Benzino is trying to turn blood into art. Less than two weeks after Benzino was allegedly shot by his nephew, he releases the first song addressing the incident, “Walk Away”.

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On the song Benzino addresses the the shooting with his nephew and even uses a snippet from Rick Ross’ lyrics “n*ggas shot up the car, walk away like Benzino” for the song’s chorus. The obviously enraged Benzino implicatively compares his nephew to the devil:

Tried to spill my blood, but couldn’t handle it/speeding to the church, yo keep those candles lit/wake me momma, feel like it’s a fantasy/Sitting with the devil, drinking Hennessy.

Check out the full version of Benzino’s “Walk Away” below:

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