Gay Rapper Kicked Out Of Basketball Game At Halftime For Being HIV Positive (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When people take their job too seriously, others tend to get unfairly treated. This past Sunday (April 13th), an aspiring gay rapper from Florida was kicked out of a rec basketball game after it was discovered he was HIV positive.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Dakota Basinger is a 21 year old aspiring rapper whom spoke on being HIV positive on his personal Facebook account a week prior to the Kissimmee rec basketball game.  During halftime of the playoff game, after playing in the league for eight weeks, Basinger was removed from the game by a worker at the  recreational center, allegedly at the request of the city:

The guy from Kissimme Park Recreation, he basically came up to me and was like ‘are you HIV positive?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’m HIV positive. Why? What’s going on?’ He said ‘Well, you are no longer allowed to play. The City told us that you are no longer allowed to play.’

Hours after the ejection, Basinger took to his personal Twitter account to voice his frustrations:

A city spokesperson informed the Orlando Sentinel that Basinger was removed by a part-time whom “acted independently and without supervisor approval.” While the city has “taken corrective action to ensure this does not happen in the future” and Basinger is allowed to play at the rec center again, the part time employee still works at the center as well.

Basinger is an aspiring rapper whom contracted HIV by having unprotected sex with another man.

Check out Basinger’s interview regarding the incident:

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