Kelis Says Nas Didn't Have Her Wedding Dress On The Cover Of "Life Is Good"

(AllHipHop News) Old wounds die slow. During an interview with the New York Times, Kelis spoke on a few misconceptions about Nas’ Life Is Good cover as well as her feelings on his latest music.

Nas has stated in numerous interviews that the dress he’s clutching on the cover for his 2012 album Life Is Good is the same dress Kelis wore on their wedding day back in 2005. According to the eccentric singer, that is mostly incorrect:

 It’s not even the dress. The joke behind that is that it’s the slip to the petticoat to my dress. I think when I moved out I just left it. That’s all he had, poor thing.

A few months after Kelis filed or divorce from Nas in April 2009, she sent tweets from her personal Twitter account implying that Nas cheated on her. In the New York Times interview, she slams Nas’ music by stating “I don’t really listen to his music anyway.”

Check out the full interview here.

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43 Responses to “Kelis Says Nas Didn't Have Her Wedding Dress On The Cover Of "Life Is Good"”

  1. Ryan Cole

    I thought Life Is Good was a dope album. If that’s not her dress on the cover, it’s gonna change how I feel about it.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its hers she’s REACHHHHHHHING as folks on the ic would say …. @ the end of the day its not the FULL dress but it APART of it … smh these chicks aint loyal and always looking for an angle to make themselves look good

  2. regalpimp

    His cheating had nothing to do with the sextape she put out with Dee from Dee and Wah of the Ruffryders..Bet she didn’t mention that in the interview…

  3. MercedNative209

    “poor thing”…. coming from an industry sk@nk means nothing… she hasnt made anything relevant her whole career. Nas made her….. now to that i do say “poor thing”. #GTFOH

  4. Eli Pinilla

    He made a gold album out that dress and what it symbolize….you live off this ngga, you should be rooting for this dude to succeed. …at least for the next 18 years.

  5. bigdoe6

    She saying Nas cheated but she was sleeping with dudes from the Ruff Ryders crew on the low. This chick is dumb.

  6. TimeWillTellu1

    We all take a big loss in life and Nas was man enough to share his story with the world. That shit can be embarrassing but that album helped me move on from a similar situation.

  7. ebonyhud

    I understand that nobody knows what happens in a relationship, but when will people learn forgive. Even when its over. Its so much easier. Saying “That’s all he had” was a low blow.

    I will not stand for cheating but, once its done you should choose which way to go. She sounds bitter, and that’s bad for her.

    • Guest

      If he did cheat on her he does deserve to be treated like that. If you listen to his music he sounded very committed to her. So if I did find out he cheated her this definitely would effect my impression of Nas. I mean nobody believed him in Belly when he was on his back to Africa shit. This would definitely throw some dirt on his name worse than Jay.(& I’m a NAS fan) But knowing the divorce rate and how society stands on monogamy I’m sure there will be many of comments refuting this as a relationship ending mistake. #RIPBLKLUV

      • golder1

        Belly was a movie idiot. What do you mean nobody believed when he was on his back to Africa shit?!? He has already stated he cheated. People make mistakes as she has as well, time to move on. She has had past relationships were dudes have came out and talked about her being crazy and hard to deal with. So it goes both ways. Then been divorced for 5 yrs grow up and move on like a real woman would

      • Guest

        I knew some idiot like you would appear here to carry Nas’ cape on some James Brown’s chauffeur shit. 1st off the Belly comment was a joke as Nas is always critiqued on the inauthentic of his performance as a reformed gangster kind of like his slave intro to It Was Written.(See true Nas fans aren’t scared to critique his work. We know he can do better or when he’s reaching for something he can’t do) But back to mistakes…when you have a child w/ someone you should know who your passing your legacy onto. If you knew she had her problems in past relationships….expect these problems to reoccur. Like you said “people aren’t perfect”. But don’t make a song like “Getting Married” & “No one else in the room”, then act like you didn’t know who your married & selfishly bury your sorrows in affair knowing their is a child involved. All we hear nowadays is “daddy wasn’t home” or “daddy has another family”. smh. Ahem ****stepping off pulpit****(pulls out box of tissues for angry BABYDADDIES welling up w/ tears getting ready to empty their hearts about their baby mom’s. B.I.G. told you to pull out on “Suicidal Thoughts”)

      • golder1

        If its a joke state that it is one, noone knows your ass to know what u are thinking idiot. 2nd Im not on Nas cape for stating a fact. Saying she should treat him bad and continue to talk shit about about. People get married all the time seeing the flaws their spouse may have but still because they believe love out weighs b.s then find out thats a dream. What message does it send to her children that she cant move on. How do u think her son is going to feel when he is able to hear and understand the bull she is saying about his father.
        No matter how their relationship ended she has never complained about him as a father. Thats where all of her energy should be directed.

      • golder1

        To tell someone not to write a song about how they feel about some or situaions in their life is dumb. Put get married all the time and when they get up to express their love for that person they dont list that persons negatives. Thats not realistic.

  8. johnblacksad

    You would think a good journalist would put the Life Is Good cover in the article… smh

    who really gives a fcuk it was a petticoat instead of a dress?
    Seriously Kelis? u reachin like a b!tch right now

    I ain’t even mad cause you can tell she’s talking out of spite… all that “poor thing”, “i don’t listen to his music anyways” lets you know she’s burning inside!

    Don’t let Kelis lies fool you… she loves Nas music… she been said she grew up on Raekwon, Wu-Tang, Nas and them n!ggas… she was so geeked to appear in Ol Dirty’s videos and sh!t…

    Lying b!tch… G.T.F.O.H.W.T.B.S.

    • therealjjohnson

      He even said the same thing she is saying. He said it was a piece of the dress not the whole thing. He even said she left it…smh. When is the last time someone said Kelis name? She only getting press cause Nas been getting press for the last month for his 20th anniversary of illmatic

  9. Charlotte

    B*tches ain’t shit! Kelis is the prime example of that. If you were married handle that type of ish behind closed doors instead of doing interviews degrading the man and his talents. If he cheated on you ok move on, no need to publicly slander his character

  10. Guest

    LOL Nas was right about this broad… In the song Roses he says, “When people like my songs, you wanna kill em, right? You resent me every time I make a million, right?”

  11. MossbergShottie

    “When people like my song, you wanna kill em, right? You resent me every time I make a million, right?” – NAS, “Roses”.. Nas exposed her ass and she mad

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