Beyonce Photo'ed In A Wedding Dress On Jay Z-Driven Motorcycle For Possible Music Video

(AllHipHop News) Days after rumors spread that Hip Hop’s first billionaire couple would be touring together this summer, the collaborative news heats up with recently released photo of the pair on a possible music video set.

According to Hip Hop N More, the photo was taken in the High Desert in Los Angeles. While there is no official word on what the photo is connected to, given the lyrics on their Magna Carta Holy Grail collaboration “Part II (On The Run)”, rumors have spread that that is in fact the music video being shot.

Not so coincidentally, a day before this photo surfaced The L.A. Times reported that sources informed them the collaborative tour will begin on June 13th in Atlanta and end on August 6th in San Francisco. Reportedly the tour will also stop at California’s Rose Bowl Stadium on August 3rd. If these dates are correct, the tentative Jay Z and Beyonce tour would end a day before Eminem and Rihanna’s The Monster tour begins on August 7th at the same Rose Bowl Stadium. Check out the photo of Beyonce in a wedding outfit with Jay Z below:


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9 Responses to “Beyonce Photo'ed In A Wedding Dress On Jay Z-Driven Motorcycle For Possible Music Video”

    • Alexis Varner

      It’s not like kimye because Beyoncé can actually sing and doesn’t have to auto tinned like Kim their followers.
      Kimye follows jayonce because Kanye is trying to make Kim like Beyoncé have you not seen a change in her that she looks hideous in and the bitch is fake Beyoncé all real boo boo.

    • MizzReyRey .

      so dumb, kim and kanye are NOT the first couple to ride a motorcycle & they are not even positioned the same way, you haven’t even seen the video yet jerk. Don’t ever compare them to anything with Kim Kardashian ever again, they’ve worked too hard for that.

  1. i'mreloaded!

    I got much respect for a nigga to hustle outta da projects to makin money, married to a bad bish, and kickin it wit da President. Dis dude been runnin da game effortlessly for a long time.

  2. True That

    I am so tired of these Jock Strap Mollases folk, Jay is nothing to be admired. So he made it out the ‘projects’ and raps about things to keep people in the projects or in prison….what an inspiration.

    I hate hearing men jocking another man, it’s ewwww! Especially when the man is a misgynistic parisite that spews filth into the hood, not one thing inspiring. 5O year old promoting criminal behavior, disgusting! Shame on you that applaud this farce.

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