Whoopi Goldberg Writes About How She Replaced Advil With Marijuana To Treat Illness

(AllHipHop News) Whooppi Goldberg is one of the only people to have won a Grammy, Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, Daytime Emmy and a Tony. You can now add marijuana columnist to her resume as Goldberg begun her writing gig at The Cannabist with a post on her love of medical marijuana.

Goldberg, whom suffers from glaucoma-induced headaches stated that she uses a vaporizer pen that she named “Sippy” to deal with her headaches. According to Goldberg, marijuana has worked better than the “man made things” she was taking before:

I used to take Advil by the handful for this very reason, and I don’t take Advil anymore — not for my eye. You’re not supposed to eat Advil every day, and I was eating them every day, these man-made things. But I can do this without hurting myself. 

Goldberg maintains that she uses marijuana for strictly medicinal purposes and is “certainly not looking for that high high.” This is a mentality she developed over time as she revealed in 1992 that she smoked marijuana prior to her acceptance speech at the 1991 Oscars:

I learned a great lesson. Never smoke pot before there’s a possibility of having to talk to a hundred million people.

Check out Goldberg’s full article on The Cannabist here. Check out Goldberg discuss smoking marijuana before the 1991 Oscars below:

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