Chris Brown's D.C. Trial Postponed As His Convicted Bodyguard Refuses To Testify

(AllHipHop News) This Chris Brown D.C. assault trial has officially turned into a bad episode of Law & Order. Less than a day after being found guilty for assaulting Issac Parker Adams, Chris Brown’s bodygard Christopher Hollosy is holding up Brown’s trial as he is refusing to testify.

Yesterday (April 21st), Hollosy was found guilty of assaulting Adams in Washington, D.C. Hollosy’s sentencing was set for June 25th, but his attorney Bernard Grimm plans to appeal the decision. This becomes a precarious situation for Brown as Hollosy’s attorney is asking for immunity for Hollosy in order to testify in Brown’s case. Hollosy admitted to punching Adams and told police Brown did not strike the man.

Brown’s trial was set to begin yesterday, but has been moved to Wednesday (April 23rd) at 9:30 A.M.

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