The Amazing Spider-Man-2: Jamie Foxx Through the Years

From his early days on the skit-comedy show In Living Color, to his role as Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday, to more modern roles like Ray, Collateral and Django Unchained, Jamie Foxx has captivated audiences for over two decades with some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster hits and comedic roles.

This summer will be no exception as Jamie Foxx takes on the villainous role of “Electro” in the new Marvel Comics film The Amazing Spider-Man-2. In honor of Jaime’s excellence in film and his resounding impact on Hip-Hop culture and films, we take a look back at Jaime Foxx through the years in different character roles.

Enjoy the gallery below, comment on some of your favorite roles played by Jamie Foxx and make sure to go check out The Amazing Spider-Man-2 in theaters May 2nd.


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