Young Wants Money: Teen Rap Group Sues Lil Wayne For Non Payment

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne and Young Money/Cash Money Records have a long history of not paying artists, but this is a first. Today (April 30th), Young Money teen rap group W3 The Future filed a lawsuit against Young Money Entertainment for non payment.

According to TMZ, the group’s production claims the group was promised a $600,000 advance from Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment. After completing their contractual obligation and releasing their debut self-titled EP on October 17th, 2013.

According to the suit, Young Money forked over the recording budget but have not compensated the bulk of the alleged $600,000 advance. Grassroots claims Young Money’s only response to their requests for compensation has been “Cash Money is not moving forward with this project.”

The group was signed to Young Money in May of 2013 and toured on Lil Wayne’s America’s Most Wanted tour.

Check out Lil Wayne sign the two artists below:

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24 Responses to “Young Wants Money: Teen Rap Group Sues Lil Wayne For Non Payment”

  1. i'mreloaded!

    Neva even heard of them. Gotta make sure them contracts is airtight because the music biz will screw u. On da other hand, maybe they wasn’t as profitable as Wayne thought and they didn’t want to attach their brand to it. Hell, look at Jae Millz, Lil Chuckee, Busta, Mystikal, Limp Bizkit, Euro, Ace Hood, Bow Wow, etc. They ain’t neva droppin nuthin on that label.

    • Daz Dillon

      I heard of these niggas from wayne in 2013 but that shit was so long ago I forgot they was even signed to YMCMB the thing is they aint have no buzz in the hood or in white America and that’s fucked up it take money to make money ya dig real shit……

    • corbin wells

      well even if they made an album it could be complete shit and why would YM waste time putting an album that is bound to fail out?

    • Myleage

      the label pays for all the recording and marketing, etc. THEY prob owe the label MORE than 600k so they didnt get an advance but they probably got thousands for show money. Tyga said he doesnt get royalty money for his albums, which probably make sense cuz he doesnt sell enough for the label to recoup their investment. but he keep his tour and merchandise money.

  2. Immortal

    You signed to YM; did you seriously not know their rep BEFORE you went and signed with them? If you didn’t you’re ignorant; if you did, same thing applies and you too are getting f*cked with no Vaseline

      • corbin wells

        BG was made by cash money smh without the he is nothing.

      • 225CampLife

        BG carried the label back in 96-97 after UNLV and Wayne ( for a little while) left the label and Pimp Daddy died. Cash money need to thank BG

  3. AlbertoRipRon

    LOL this teen bopper shit. I don’t know anything about W3 The Future and don’t care about some white boys who’ve been listening to llil wayne since they were 7. We already know how Young/Cash Money rolls. Just ask ya boy Mannie

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