Papoose Challenges Jay Z To Attend 5 Percent Nation Community Event

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s choice of neckwear at a Brooklyn Nets game last month brought the BK rhymer a lot of attention. That’s because the chain he had on is affiliated with Nation of Gods and Earths also known as Five Percenters. The Hip Hop legend had both the media and 5 Percent representatives questioning his association with the group.

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Fellow Brooklyn emcee Papoose spoke with VladTV about Jigga rocking the 5% medallion, and The Nacirema Dream creator suggests that if Jay is going to wear the regalia he should attend community-based events sponsored by the organization.

“You know Jay been wearing the flag on his neck. I would like to see him at the annual ‘Show & Prove’ we do every year,” said Pap. “I come out there and represent. Kay Slay comes out. A couple of artists came out in the past. Rakim… the list goes on. But yo, you’re representing that flag; I’d like to see him come out there, and do something positive for the people.”

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