Nelly Goes On Instagram To Explain Why Floyd Mayweather Was Never His Friend (PIC)

(AllHipHop News) People have been claiming Nelly did his friend Floyd Mayweather wrong by going on a date with his ex-fiancé. A week after Nelly was spotted with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiancé at a Miami Heat playoff game, Nelly addresses the incident for the first time.

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On his personal Instagram account, Nelly posted a picture of a long message detailing why himself and Floyd Mayweather were never really friends.According to Nelly, outside of the occasional chance meeting at clubs around America, him and Mayweather never had any communication. Nelly claims they never exchanged phone numbers, had lunch or any of the normal activities that friends would partake in. Nelly claims Mayweather never even invited him to a fight, however Mayweather did spend quality time with someone close to Nelly:

Floyd could be confusing his relationship with me with his relationship with my ex with whom he has exchanged numbers and has flown personally to attend his weekend in Michigan which I wasn’t invited to (guess I wasn’t in the circle of friends then lol)

Nelly then toook to his personal Twitter account to imply that infuriating Mayweather was “to easy”:

Is this the CHAMP…..???? Hahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshahahahaha ….. To easy.. !!! IT WAS JUST BASKETBALL GAME..!LMAO

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Check out Nelly’s Instagram and Twitter messages addressing Floyd Mayweather below:

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