Donald Sterling Reportedly Hires Lawyers To Fight Sale Of Clippers

(AllHipHop News) According to reports Donald Sterling has hired legal counsel in order to sue the NBA for trying to force him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. The league’s commissioner Adam Silver announced last week that Sterling is banned for life from the NBA, and the other owners are expected to vote to strip him of his ownership.

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Sterling has apparently contacted several high-priced law firms about fighting the ruling. Sources tell the New York Daily News the NBA’s constitution requires that such action by the league adhere to a section that addresses criminal behavior, financial instability, gambling or fixing games. None which Sterling will claim his racist comments fall under.

“He’ll sue and it’ll take years to settle,” said the source.

Part of the Sterling’s compliant is also said to be about the taxes he will have to pay if he forced to sell the team. He would most likely have to pay 33% in state and national capital gains taxes. If a family member inherits the team and then sells that total would be greatly reduced.


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