Saigon Questions Nicki Minaj's Marketing Strategy; Comments On Jay Electronica As A "Conscious Rapper"

(AllHipHop News) Rapper and former reality show star Saigon had a lot to say about the way Nicki Minaj is presented as an artist. Speaking with VladTV, the New Yorker questions the decision to market the Young Money rapper as a “Barbie” to young girls despite her use of explicit lyrics.

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“I don’t blame an artist like Nicki Minaj but it just confuses me why a lot of her lyrics are x-rated,” said Saigon. “I got a five-year old daughter who loves Barbie. Then they use Barbie to market Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj is… not to bash, I don’t even want to finish that because it looks like I’m bashing.”

He continued, “But I’m, not going to start blaming artists when I know it ain’t the artists. It’s really the marketing person. It’s the person that’s gonna pump $2 million into putting you out there. That’s the real problem.”

Saigon also spoke on whether he felt Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica was the next “big conscious rapper.”

“I didn’t hear enough of Jay Electronica to put him in that category. I know he wasn’t ignorant, but I don’t know where Jay Electronica was gonna go because I don’t think he put out enough music,” adds Saigon. “He had a huge buzz. Then his buzz got deterred somehow by a rich woman with a lot of money who supposedly took him off his path… It was like everybody was anticipating him and then the next thing we know he’s dealing with a rich white woman and then we never hear from him again.”

Saigon goes on to say that Jay E is “smart” and “a gifted artist.”

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